Passing your test

To pass your Driving Test you must show the examiner that you can drive safely, complete the set tasks and have a thorough practical knowledge of the Highway Code.

The duration of the test is approximately 40 minutes over a route which will include typical road and traffic conditions.

Your examiner will conduct an eye test to make sure that you can read a car registration plate from a distance of 20.5 metres, so don't forget your glasses!.

He will ask you two of the "Tell Me, Show Me" questions.

You may commit no more that 15 minor faults, however, if a particular fault is habitual this could be classed as a major weakness, thus a serious fault, leading to failure.

Secrets to help you pass

Get a good nights sleep the night before your test, this will ensure that you are alert and ready to take the test.

On the lesson prior to taking the test, practice manoevres and a have a drive around the test area to look for potential problems such as Road Works.

Forget the examiner is there. Concentrate on his instructions and above all,relax.

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