It is our aim to provide instruction which will enable students not only to pass the Driving Standards agency theory and practical driving tests but also to acquire those extra skills which will help them to drive safely in varying road and traffic conditions


We shall do our best to achieve this aim, but all the instruction possible is of no value unless you are genuinely interested in becoming a good driver. Time and effort will be needed before the necessary skills of a competent driver are acquired. The Highway Code must be studied. The booklet "Your Driving Test" and the Driving Manual can be purchased. The Manual, "Your Driving Test" and the Highway Code are also produced in video format.

How long will it take?

That is more difficult. We cannot tell you. It will take as long as the instructor thinks it necessary to achieve the required standard. You will not be expected to take the test until that standard is reached. And remember, you will be tested on your capability to drive unaccompanied.


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